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July 20th, 2012, 10:10 AM
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I can't get in just yet. Since I changed my insurance so I can go off post to the German OBGYN I can only go on post on a space available basis now.

I've done this type of at home blood testing with 6-7 miscarriages now so it would be strange if I was always getting false positives. My symptoms never lie to me, and they are what usually clue me in and I let DH know it's time to test again.

Liamsmother Thanks for letting me know that someone has naturally ovulated that early. I had never heard of it. I guess the chances of creating a good healthy egg and corpus luteum would be small considering the small amount of time it had to mature, especially after a miscarriage.

and the German OBGYN is still on vacation. I wonder who is maintaining her patients and birthing them right now.

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