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July 20th, 2012, 10:23 AM
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Winter sleeps on her tummy. When I put her in her pnp, I put a sleep positioner in there, but she
overpowers it and still gets on her tummy. Oh, well!
Awww, Alice had hair like Lucy. Winter has lost so much. I miss that full head of hair!
And a big boy starting to sit up!

Here's Winter Rose a few days ago. I'm trying to get her to practice scooting, but right now she just
wants to eat her feet and roll over. lol Love this quilt. My MIL made it.

She spends a lot of time sitting in my chair with her toys. Loves to sit up. She'll sit supported about
half the time, sit up on her own about a quarter, and fall over about a quarter. She's getting there!

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