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July 21st, 2012, 06:02 AM
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We are going to start 3 new activites/games on the board, that we think you will all enjoy! I am so pumped to get these going

Here is a description of each activity. Please read through the descriptions and post a reply stating which (you can participate as few or as many as you want!) ones you would like to sign-up for. If you have any questions on them, just let us know. This will be a great opportunity for us to all get to know each other even better than we already do, and have fun doing it!!

Picture Girl

This is a week long activity. We will ask the current Picture Girl to post pics of things we would like to see. i.e. your favorite outfit, your favorite pic of yourself (from anytime in your life)...

Just to make sure that the PG doesn't end up with a zillion requests at once, it would be best if each requester only requested 2 pictures per post. Once the pics you requested are posted you can request 2 more if you'd like.

The PG holds all rights to not post any pics she'd rather not, lol. Please only sign-up if you have the ability to take and upload photos

If you'd like to take a turn as the Picture Girl sign up below. If there is any week you can't do or prefer please list that as well.

Recipe Girl

Are you looking for some inspiration and motivation in the kitchen? If so, this is the activity for you. We’d love for you to take a turn as our weekly Recipe Girl.

Here’s how this will work. Each week one member will be our Recipe Girl. I will post a new thread announcing the week’s Recipe Girl and you will post your recipes in this thread. You’ll have all week to post your recipes. Plan to post a few of your favorite recipes (around 2-5 recipes). The goal of Recipe Girl is to give our mommies new recipes and ideas so try to post recipe ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and desserts/snacks. We’d love it if you took pictures of your recipes, but this is entirely optional. I will keep a list with links of all the previous Recipe Girls and their recipes. Hopefully over time we will have an amazing PR cookbook!

I will let you know in advance when it will be your turn to be Recipe Girl so that you have plenty of notice and time to prepare. If you are interested in taking a turn as our Recipe Girl, please sign up below.

Baby of the Week

Who doesn't want their baby to be the center of attention?!?!

Each baby will have a week to be in the spotlight. The other PR members can ask that LO anything they want, request pics, etc. Questions can be specifically about the LO, about their family, about the mom, you name it.

What makes this even more fun is when you really get into it and write everything in your LO's perspective!

To be included in any of these activites, please reply to this post with the names of which ones you would like to sign up for. The events will all run for as long as we have participants - so sign up at any time! If there are any weeks that you know off the top of your head that you are unavailable, please let us know as well.

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