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July 22nd, 2012, 09:51 AM
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How many years has your SO been in the military?
Almost four...he'll be reenlisting sometime in September, his current enlistment is up third week of October.

How many years if your SO planning on staying in the military?
At least 20, hopefully 30 as he wants to make warrant one day.

How many years have you been at your current duty station?
A little over 2, 2 more to go. PCS 2014 and I have very mixed feelings - don't like Kansas, but do like having DH home every night and I have a fantastic job here. Plus the cost of living is cheap cheap cheap, so we've almost got all our debts paid off and that includes a brand new car, and we'll have a nice padded savings as well when we leave. And this with DH probably only being an 5 by the time we leave, so it's not like he's getting the big bucks yet
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