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July 22nd, 2012, 04:17 PM
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So you guys remember I was the one obsessing about the Ramzi Method of early gender prediction by placental location, right? I'm still obsessing.

By the Ramzi Method I am predicted to have a girl!!! Since I won't have my anatomy scan until mid Sept. to confirm, I figured I could pass some time by further obsessing on your u/s's if you'd like.

So post away. Ramzi method is best used between 5-9weeks I think. NT scans are usually not able to be used in Ramzi method, but can be used with the "Nub Theory." Also, you ladies who have already fou d out post to see if it was true for you!

Of course this is all just for fun. I am not a doctor or ultrasound tech....

Here's the link for the study again
The Relationship Between Placental Location and Fetal Gender (Ramzi

I thought I would make a list, because I keep seeing gender reveals and wondering if I guessed right or wrong or at all. I'll try to update this from the posts in the DDC but if you get a chance to update me in this thread that'd be great!


Bobbie- predicted Girl, confirmed Girl
Colette20- predicted boy, confirmed boy
Lucky Mama- predicted boy! Confirmed girl
JennyBaby2013- predicted girl , confirmed girl we think
Mommysc2- Predicted girl, confirmed girl
LilHerndon- predicted boy, confirmed boy
Sawyers_Mommy- boy, confirmed boy
Michellelb- predicted girl, confirmed girl
Jules_loves_beaches- predicted boy, confirmed girl.
MammaWannaBe- predicted girl, confirmed girl
rjae84- predicted boy, confirmed girl
PickyNicki- predicted Girl, confirmed girl
JoelleJello-predicted Girl, confirmed girl
Swaddlestar- predicted girl, confirmed boy
MamaGinger- predicted girl! Confirmed girl
1stBaby- predicted girl, confirmed girl
Kikismith-predicted girl, confirmed girl
Iamkc- predicted girl, Confirmed girl
Mommy2Remmington- predicted boy, confirmed girl
Mommy2_2.5- predicted boy, confirmed girl
ARCHERGREEN- predicted boy
LadieBug- predicted boy, confirmed girl
Hoping4bby- predicted boy, confirmed boy
Charliesmom- predicted boy, confirmed girl
Nikki- predicted boy, confirmed boy
Ravado- predicted girl, confirmed girl
Jmcorso- predicted girl (team green)
Leigha24- predicted girl, confirmed girl
Rowans-Momma2911- predicted boy
Grace- predicted girl, confirmed girl
Love-the-shoes ~ predicted girl
Grayson's Mommy- predicted girl, confirmed boy
Grace's friend- predicted girl, confirmed girl
~AmazedByYou~ - predicted girl
TGill - predicted boy, confirmed boy
WantingAnother- predicted girl
JandJC- predicted girl
Mrsjl- predicted girl
NewlyMrs.- predicted girl
Rcross81- predicted girl
Nhpgator- predicted boy
Skimboardin Mama- predicted boy, confirmed boy
Memi- predicted boy
dkd16~ predicted girl
redheadcurls~ predicted Baby A girl, Baby B boy.

Total Predictions: 46
Correct Predictions: 22
Incorrect Predictions: 9
Unconfirmed Predictions: 15
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