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July 23rd, 2012, 10:05 AM
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We have a four bedroom house. This was my youngest daughter's room, which is the smallest bedroom. I had to move her in with my six year old son to free up the space. They both seem to like sharing, so so far I am very glad we made the move. Our house overall is pretty small and I wasn't thrilled with putting all our school stuff in either the living room or dining room...both those spaces already have enough going on!

So we went ahead and started up today. I figured I had the plans done, so why not? The kids weren't doing anything with their free time except bickering anyway.

Everything went really well! The kids seem really happy, and Katy did okay for the most part. Colored all over her face and arms with an orange marker during art time, but that's a two year old for you. I started teaching Beth about cursive and she loves it. She even did some extra practice on her own. Who knew? I dislike cursive and always have. She also enjoyed her math worksheets. Who is this child? lol... Matt liked the stories we read as well as our social studies and science lessons, which are more up my alley as well. It took two hours for everything. For lunch I packed up their lunch boxes and we are going to picnic and have "PE" at a park. I thought it would be something nice for the first day.
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