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July 23rd, 2012, 11:16 AM
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you Glenda.

I guess it's time for an update (not much to give though!) since I've been away from JM for almost 4 months.

I am currently awaiting the witch's arrival after yet another unsuccessful cycle. Per the advice of a fellow JM sister, I was introduced to bee propolis, which is a natural supplement I started taking at the beginning of this cycle. I have been taking 500mg twice a day, as that is the recommended dosage. Studies (albeit few) have shown that bee propolis may have a positive anti-inflammatory effect on endometriosis, so I figured what do I have to lose? I haven't had any side effects from it (thank Goodness, since I am allergic to a certain wasp, but not necessarily all bees), and I feel like I've been in a better mood (for the most part lol). I am going to try it for a few months and see if it makes any difference with endo pain. I know I am already doing better than last month, given I already had my temp drop and haven't had much cramping at all. Last month, while we were at the beach, I was cramping hardcore for 2 or 3 days before the witch came. This doesn't mean it won't happen, but I am trying to be as positive as I can about this. Anything to keep me naturally off the pill, which still gives me that natural (yet very small) chance each month. I am really hoping I notice some kind of pain decrease in the next few months, and this may be a short term solution. A BFP would just be an added bonus. I will continue temping (just not as hardcore as I once was!) and using OPKs so I know that we at least gave it a shot and so I can prepare for AF.

As for non-TTC talk, I can't believe the summer is on the downward side of the hump! We had an awesome time in Florida with my parents; the weather was amazing and we left ONE day before the tropical weather started hitting. It got super bad in the area we were in, so we really lucked out! Then we had our annual gaming trip to Cincinnati a week ago- another amazing time with memories that can't be outdone. We had 27 there this year, which is pretty insane, and we had just so much fun together. We have a family reunion coming up at my parents' this weekend, so that should be nice. I am hoping AF doesn't upset too much of my plans though. She's due Wednesday, but with that temp drop this morning, I imagine she'll be making her way to me tomorrow sometime.

Well, just felt the need to say hello. I do read from time to time, but a lot of times, I just can't bring myself to post. In a lot of ways, this chapter of my life is closed, and in some ways, it's not. It depends on what I'm feeling that day. Today, even though this cycle is a bust, I am feeling quite positive and hoping that our miracle will still come. My mind is focused on getting closer to the time period of meeting up with my last frozen embies in the lab, and with the weight loss and changes I've made, I am really hoping that it benefits them this time. I'll probably wait until after the first of the year to start the re-testing, SHG, repeat bloodwork, all that fun stuff, and then shoot for an April transfer time I think. April sounds like a good month, and I don't want to repeat a Feb or March transfer now that those months are tainted for me transfer-wise!! I think if I get the ball rolling again, and have some talks with my RE at the end of the year, we will figure out a new plan. I need to have a sit down with him, look him in the eyes though, and basically remind him that we have TWO shots left (maybe only one depending on how many he would want to transfer or how many make the thaw) and that we need to do everything we can to ensure this is in our best odds. So as for now, just naturally trying to reduce my endo pain.
I'll try to pop in more often- 4 months is a little long to post I suppose.
Our TTC journey: 6 cycles Clomid, lap surgery/ D&C, IUI, 2 x IVF; 41 cycles- BFN.
IVF#1 (March 2010) Transferred two 8-cell grade A (perfect) embies- BFN and heartbroken.

IVF#2/FET#1 (Jan/Feb 2011):Transferred two (7&8 cell) grade A (PERFECT) embies- BFN again.
IVF#3/FET#2 (November 2014) Transferred two perfect blasts- First BFP Ever.

BABY BOY- JULY 2015 @ 34 weeks 6 days

Our family is now complete. The End.

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