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July 23rd, 2012, 11:20 AM
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Ok, well, jellybean's chart looks like ovulation might be about to happen, but simply judging from the temperatures on your chart anything can still happen. Your temperature could either keep rising, or your temperature could plummet again.
Right now, CD 10 is the highest of the cluster of six with 96.6, CD 15 is 0.2F higher with 96.8. For your evaluation to be successfully completed, your temps from CD 16 and 17 have to be at least at 96.8, while one of those has to be 0.4F higher than the temp from CD 10. So, if CD 16 or 17 is at least 96.8 and one at least 97.0 you're fine. If they do not reach 97.0 but remain at 96.8 or .9 you will have to wait on CD 18 to see if this one reaches 97.0 or higher. If it is you're fine, if not the evaluation will be unsuccessful at this point. The coverline of 96.7 is not valid anymore and you would have to wait and see if there will be another rise in temperature at a later time.
In case a temp from CD 16 or 17 falls to 96.7 or lower you will have to start counting again from the day after the temp dropped. The temps would have to follow along the same ranges as explained above.

Daphne, your case is more or less the same but with different temperatures. As it seems, however, you chart two decimals behind the comma. I know there are thermometers which display two decimals behind the comma for Fahrenheit, but that is unnecessary. For FAM one decimal (96.5, 96.6 etc.) is enough and the charts are not really made for two decimals.
So, assuming that CD 14 was 97.45 or something, this would have to be considered 97.4. In this case, your block of six temps would be from CD 11 to 16, with CD 14 being the highest. Your temperature of CD 17 would be the appropriate 0.2F above 97.4. Hence, if your temp keeps rising and one of the temps of CD 18 and 19 rises to at least 97.8 or higher you should be fine after CD 19.
In case these temps remain at least at 97.6 or 97.7 you would have to wait on CD 20 to see if this one is at 97.8. If it is, you're fine, if not the evaluation will not be successful and you will have to wait to see if at a later time you will have another shift in temperature. The coverline of 97.5, however, would not be valid anymore!
And if the temps on CD 18 or 19 drop to 97.5 or lower you will have to start counting again from the day after the drop. And your temps would also have to follow the ranges I explained for your case.

I know this is a lot of info, but I guess right now all you guys can do is wait

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