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July 23rd, 2012, 12:09 PM
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So, Emmett is 2w old as of tomorrow! He's fantastic, i am not lol. This was my 4th & worst c section. It was pretty painful in the OR, my bladder was badly fused to my uterus due to the other sections. But I felt pretty good pretty fast after his birth, I was home Friday am. By the weekend though I was having quite a lot of pain & couldnt pee without self catheterization. So tues am (1w post baby) i was diagnosed w/ a uti, started taking antibiotics & feeling better. The next day the tears set in. I thought it was cause my parents left that day & just hormones, & that id shaken it a few days later. Then on sat mt OH's 3 kids got dumped on us for 3 straight weeks, they were sposed to b mainly w/ mom till aug 7 so i could heal & get back on my feet, then here till school starts. I am not coping well. Theyre great kids, not their fault but its like triple the work & noise & time &.... I feel terrible cause everything is making me cry. im never like this. is this ppd? how long does it have to last to be that? Oh & im back having major pain (inside my belly near either end of the incision) which isnt helping either.
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