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July 23rd, 2012, 05:25 PM
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Monday - Whew. Busy Busy!

Hi Ladies!
Well, I'm back from San Fran, had a superb weekend with my brother and Mabel. Lots of play time, and good catch up time with my brother. I got back yesterday afternoon, then helped DH do some trip prep for our Sturgis camping trip in 2 weeks. We were so tired from the weekend (he did a bunch of garage stuff, worked on his bike, put on new pipes, tried out our new tent, got most of our camping gear ready, etc), so we just ordered Chinese carry out for dinner. We rarely do carry out on Sun nights, but we were so tired.

Today, I had a massively busy school day. My school week runs from Thu-Wed, and when the classes open up on Thu, I usually get everything done either Thu, Fri, or both, depending on how hard the papers and such are for the week. Then the rest of the week, I do my discussion part (discussing other people's papers, much easier). But since I was gone all weekend, and spent Wed and Thu doing my volunteer training at the Park, I had to do everything today! All my papers and such are due by Mon night, so I had to cram all my readings, study guides, homework questions, tests, and papers into today! I got it all done, though, so very happy about that!

Now, I'm literally just catching up on life stuff (returning a watch to Amazon, logistics for the wedding in Aug, and our trip, catching up here, cleaning out my email). I need to shower soon, we are meeting some friends for dinner tonight. They live 1 mile down the road from us, and for some dumb reason, we never get together. Mostly it was because they had 1 boy (now 2), and recently had another, so they've had their hands full. They got a sitter for tonight, so they are excited for some adult time! We are going to a nice wine tasting restaurant called the Barrel Room. We've only been once before, they have FAB food, so I'm uber stoked.

This week, pretty low key. I will be volunteering, likely, one day (working through schedule now), and then just hanging at the Park the rest. I have some random house stuff to do, but much to my surprise, DH did laundry AND dishes before I came home yesterday! I neither asked nor expected him to do either, but he said "I didn't want you to come home to a bachelor house!" He is such a doll. I him so much for these little things!

So, that's that! Hope everyone had a great weekend! I think I'm all caught up on everyone's journals and all the posts of late. Hope I didn't miss anything!

Happy Monday Ladies!
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