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July 23rd, 2012, 09:32 PM
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Ok so im 19 about to be 20 my boyfriend is 26 about to be 27. He has never been able to get anyone pregnant and in mexico while getting a physical chek up for military they told him " hey u know u cant have kids right?" all he thought to say was oh yea...but he dint know.... He never got any test done either.... So we have been having unorotected sex for about 7 months and now i think im pregnant.
So i had my last period on april 7 for 3 days which is normal for me...
I had sex on the 13,18,21.
And on the 18 & 21 i had a tiny spotting after sex... Only when i wiped
And for the last two days ive been throwing up have headaches cant eat because stuff makes me sick
Constipation for a week... Dizzy spells... And can not sleep. I have lower back pain like im going to start my period
And yesterday and today i felt some weird sensation on my breast like something crawlinh towards the middle of each one...
So today i went and peed i saw some pinkish white discharge floating.... Then i wiped and light pink blood
So 5 min later i pee again and pink blood when i wiped.... And now the blood looks really bright like period blood.
I had right pelvic pain yesterday and today i had like cramps.... I still have cramps and back pain.
My period isnt do until another 2 good weeks....

Idk if this is irrevelant or not.... but my boyfriend told me that for 2 days he has been getting dizzy and nacious .... he doesnt want to eat... when regularly hes a goooood eater....

Im not on birthcontrol and he doesnt pull out i know im allways at risk of getting pregnant but im so confused by all this... When can i test?
I think i ovulate around the 18-21....
Also on june i had sex before and after ovulation.... But i got my period so i donth think thats irrelevent....
Any help please ive read about.... Implantational bleeding... But not common ... and about early miscarriges.... Please help me.
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