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July 24th, 2012, 10:47 AM
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Tuesday - Park Day? Fun Day? Project Day?
No idea! Since I am all caught up on school, and did a ton of home/life stuff yesterday, I have today sort of free and clear! I have a few things to deal with (first, calling UPS to come and pick up the 3 HUGE boxes of patio furniture that were delivered here to the lady who lived here about 4 years ago!). I have to get some paperwork done for school (regarding my field work), and run to the store for a few things. I want to go to the Park today, but just sort of playing it by ear, see what I feel like.

I just finished my breakfast (homemade crepes), and just catching up here before I start doing whatever it is I'm going to do today. I feel like I should spend time with the dogs, since I was gone all weekend (and Peanut howled non-stop for 48 hours apparently), but they are more crepuscular (google it, learn something today!) rather than diurnal these days. So, we shall see.

I finally ordered a new watch last last 2 timex's finally crapped out, after having each for about 4-5 years. I always have a timex to wear to the park and for things when I don't want to wear my nice watch. I love yellow, and my last fav timex was yellow, so I ordered the new version of it last week. When it arrived last Tuesday, it was ORANGE. It's actually cool, but i really don't want orange. So I have to ship that back today. Last night, I ordered the same watch in happy that is on it's way!

That's about that for me! Hoping everyone has a great Tuesday!
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