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July 24th, 2012, 12:54 PM
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I am 150% dedicated to having an unmedicated as close to NCB as I can possibly get this time around. I tried last time and opted for the epi. I was just too unprepared I believe. Having been through it once, I feel like I can take the right steps this time to be prepared. Part of that preparation is making sure I have an arsenal of natural pain releif techniques to fall back on. I feel like in that moment of "I can't do this anymore" there are things that my partner can say or do to help me through.

SO.... you ladies... what have you done/ are you planning for your NCB?

One thing I read that struck a cord with me was a woman who was at a breaking point, and her doula said "3 more contractions, just make it 3 more and see how you feel"I know that would work on me...

I'm having a hospital NCB(as much as I can in that environment). I would love your ideas/advice/experience!
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