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July 25th, 2012, 01:13 AM
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When I was pregnant I had real difficulties in getting a seat on public transport, and having to take two very busy trains per day it was not fun. So now that my son is born I tried to find a solution.

I think there is a double problem, on one hand pregnant women might feel shy about asking for a seat, on the other sometimes itís not so easy to know if someone is actually pregnant or just a bit overweight, particularly at the beginning.

Thatís why I have created a collection of stylish but fun t-shirts and accessories designed to help women get a seat. They are also ideal to announce and celebrate a pregnancy.

it's called Mamma On the Move. As I'm new I can't post the URL but if you google it you will find it straight away

Hope this will help future moms-to-be to improve their travelling experience!
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