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July 25th, 2012, 05:57 AM
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Congratulations!You are doing an awesome job - keep it up! I went to the trainer for my first check in - it's been two weeks. I am down 7 pounds, 13 mm of body fat, and close to 6 inches of my body. I have the nutrition part down, but the exercise piece is a bit more challenging. I recently found out I have arthritis of the spine (and I suspect of my knee) and mild scoliosis. THEN I stubbed my toe so bad that I thought it was broken; however, four days later, it's badly bruised and very sore but definitely not broken. Soooo... I need to get myself back on track in the exercise department and find what is going to be doable for me. I am determined to be back to my pre pregnancy weight by April! I can do it!

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