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July 25th, 2012, 09:22 AM
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The past few days several nursing sessions have been mainly crying fits. She will make it through the first letdown suck and swallow a few times and start screaming. She has milk running out of her mouth so I don't think this is a no-more-milk issue.... plus I have tried switching her to the other side and a few sucks later ... with milk in her mouth she's screaming again.

I have put a natural teething gel on her gums.... she has been teething for the past few weeks with a small break in between... to try and help with any gum pain. (I read to stay away from the numbing stuff as this can make it hard for them to nurse?)

She has also been choking alot lately, I don't know if this is due to her being distracted by whatever is causing her to cry or what.

Also, it seems that any time I feed her she wants to have a bowl movement... or pass gas and her tummy is all rumbly.

Yesterday she ate Ok for her 9 feeding.... didn't nap... fell asleep nursing at her 11:30 nusing... slept/nursed until 1:30 (she doesn't nap so if I have time and she'll sleep sometimes I'll do this.) Tried to feed her at 3pm and she cried so I thought it could be due to not too hungery? (normal feeding is around 2) Tried again at 5 and 7 and we cried then fell asleep at 7 because we were so tired. Cried again nursing then fell asleep at 9 pm.
She was sick over the weekend so her schedule has been messed up.

I know this is alot of info but I just don't know what's causing her to cry and thought if I explained what was going on some of you more experienced moms might be able to help.

Do they do this while teething? Is she just getting ready to go longer between feedings and is figuring stuff out? (She eats every 2 1/2 hrs but before she got sick she was starting to go from 11:30-3 pm instead of her normal 11:30-2pm) With so many poo's and wet gasses does she have diarrhea? The dr just checked her ears and said their fine.

Anyway, first time mom at a loss!!

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