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July 25th, 2012, 11:46 AM
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I wasn't in a financial position to do the Hypnobabies class this pregnancy, but really wanted to use the techniques during labour. So I bought the book Hypnobirthing: The Mongan Method by Marie F. Mongan and figured I could at least read up on it and know some of the techniques. It also includes a CD with 2 guided meditations for preparation for birth, too. I've read it through twice and my partner has also read it so he knows how he can play his part. I've been doing the affirmations, the fear release work recommended in there and the visualisations and perineal massage, and I feel so much more prepared than I did with my first baby. I'm really hoping that at least having visualisations I can focus on during labour will help me.

I am also taking 2 angel-inspired instrumental CDs which I can listen to and "zone out", perhaps do the two Hypnobirthing visualisations I've internalised, because I'm used to meditating with them.

I also have a TENS machine (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) to use in the early part of labour, and if it's available, I will request one of the hospital's birthing pool rooms for later, or use bath/shower if the TENS ceases to have enough effect. My partner has also done a massage course in the past and will be able to massage my back. So I feel like I have backup techniques as well in case just having read and practiced the stuff from the Hypnobirthing book is not enough.

Good luck with yours!

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