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July 26th, 2012, 01:36 PM
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So how did we all get here again? It's been so long since our original introductory threads. So just for fun, were you trying to conceive, not trying not preventing, or preventing/totally surprised?

We had been TTC for over a year. Akadia was 6 months when we started and for some reason, I kept losing my pregnancies around the 6-9 week mark. After 4 losses, I decided to take a break for a few months. We were actually not "trying" this time but I knew I was ovulating when we DTD because I could feel the cramping. I backed it up with an OPK the next day, so I knew to test in 2 weeks. Just sooooo glad to still be here! I was really nervous when this DDC first started up that I wouldn't get to stay.

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