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July 26th, 2012, 01:46 PM
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DH and I had a whoopsie in Jan and I really thought I was pregnant then, I took a test (blue dye, ugh) and it was positive, a few days later AF showed. We both were actually really sad about this, we had gotten used to the idea of having a baby and were really excited to be parents. We had a talk and decided that we would try that next cycle, really try and if it didn't happen that first month of trying we were waiting till the next year. (Our wedding is going to be in May, we wanted at least six months between birth and wedding. ) Well, we got pregnant that first month of trying! I couldn't believe it, I heard on average it takes 6 months, I was prepared to get a negative and start trying again the next year. What a surprise! I'm so happy it worked out this way! (and a few months after our wedding we can start trying for #2!!!)

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