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July 26th, 2012, 03:02 PM
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ell we stopped using protection about 5 years ago and no baby, so i thought i couldn't have kids, so i got infertility testing done... blood work was fine, his sperm count was fine, i went for a x-ray of my uterus and tubes to see if they were the problem, they said that was fine. the x-ray was on valentines day, and it was the weekend of my hubby s birthday.. so.. umm yeah lol. two weeks later i see my doc she says its unexplained infertility and gave me pills to help with conceiving. also i haven gotten a period since Nov 2011, they didn't know why, so that's what prompted the testing. she also gave me pills to take to start my period, so i got a mock period in Feb, and i never got my period in march so i was like ok, this is the last pregnancy test im taking ( i ve been taking since nov, due to the lack of a period) i didn't pee on it enough so i dipped it in the toilet, and it came out bright positive!!! i ran back to the store and got more test, everyone positive.. so i go to the er to confirm, and i was 4 weeks pregnant. i found out that my left tube was blocked and that is why i havent gotten pregnant.. which they didn't tell me, so i got pregnant that week after they unblocked my tubes. so it was a big surprise!!!

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