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July 26th, 2012, 09:51 PM
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Hello all!! After reading all these stories I have decided to share my own. Mine started about 4 years ago. If I had PCOS before then I was unaware. I gained 50 pounds in 3 months and went 6 months without a period. My doctor at the time could not find out what was wrong with me as all of my labs came back normal. The day before I married my ex husband I started my period. They were semi irregular after that but we had decided to start trying. I switched doctors and she said thay it sounded like I had PCOS and she wanted to send me to get an ultrsound and run labs. I had 2 ultrsounds done and neither one of them showed PCOS, I think it was the technicians, and my labs didn't show signs either. She referred me to a specialist and he found it. So we then started the Metformin, Clomid, progesterone cycle. I lost count of how many months that went on. I did lose 15 pounds while on Metformin. When my u/s showed ovulation the doctor did an HCG injection with no luck of pregnancy. I am thankful for this now because my ex husband left me and I never heard from him again. Not even to sign the divorce papers. the doctor was kind of a jerk and I later found out through a mutual friend that my ex husband could not have kids. 2 years and countless dollars and not once did he mention to me that he had been through treatments with another woman and he could not have kids. I was FURIOUS!!! All the heartache and disappointment and feeling of it being my fault and he just let me feel them. Well I am rid of him and am married again. I let my husband know right off the bat what I had and how much trouble it would be to have a kid with me. He is so supportive and very understanding. He has a 10 year old so I get the joy of helping shape a brilliant young man. We have decided that we do want one of our own but that we wanted to wait a little while. I found a specialist here and I went to her to get my pap and start the files with her but decided to get on birth control until we are ready. I was on bc for 4 months before we decided to start charting my bbt and to stop taking bc. That brings us to today. My last period was on June 13th. 3 days before my expected period I started getting nauseous like I have never been nauseous before, heartburn, more headaches than usual, and I thought for sure it was about to happen. I bought extra tampons to prepare for what I thought would be an extremely heavy period and yet I still have not started. I have had a total 9 negative urine tests and yesterday started my 6th week. The pregnancy symptoms are still there, even had light cramping. I am confused, and frustrated, and so ready to know what is going on. I am reluctant to believe that I could actually be pregnant without having the medicine, poking, and prodding that PCOS is notorious for causing. I have an appointment on the 2nd with the specialist to find out one way or another. I will keep posting and updating and any and all information is GREATLY appreciated.
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