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July 27th, 2012, 04:26 AM
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They are normal for pre ovulation but after o you normally see a more steady pattern with a few occasional dips ( sometimes an implantation dip or just a random slit dip) that are still above your coverline until the end of your cycle when your temps either stay high if pregnant or drop drastically for pending af. It looks like based on the drop and ewcm your body geared up to o but then didn't. This I all very normal right after getting off birth control. You will know for sure that you ovulated when you have a temp spike followed by at least 3 consecutive temps above your coverline ( the highest of the 6 previous temps before detected ovulation. When this happens Fertility friend will give you crosshairs ( the red graphic lines that separate your chart right at the day of ovulation. If I were you I would do 3 things. Check out the chart gallery in fertility friend, invest in the best ttc with charting book ever taking charge of your fertility and lastly make sure you are using a basal body temp thermometer and taking your temp at the exact same time every day after at least 3 consecutive hoursof sleep and before you do any moving aroundor even talking. Lastly if you chart for a few more months and your temps stay erratic, try vaginal temping it is more accurate and gives steadier temps bc even sleeping with your mouth open can change your temp. I hope this helps a little and good luck in the crazy world of ttc!!!!!
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