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July 27th, 2012, 09:03 AM
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SAD UPDATE: Well, good news first - baby Clara seems to be doing better and appears she'll for sure live; But, there is a really sad part! Baby Clara will have permanent damage for life No one is for sure how bad the damage is and that is why they will be keeping her in the NICU for so long. They believed she was oxygen deprived in womb still but had no idea as baby was still moving good and her heartbeat was always right right though labor. So, the mom and dad really got a shock (as well as docs and nurses) when she came out and is having so many problems.

EKG says heart is fine so she shouldn't have heart problems at least. We talked to the dad in person yesterday (before only by text and then through mom's sister) and he said that the neurologist came in and told them a list of things that could be wrong but not sure yet. When the doctor came in he said sadly the neurologist usually doesn't go over things unless there is a good possibility that the baby could have those problems. So, though they are not 100% exactly all what's wrong it sounds like baby may have several things wrong. I just want to cry for them! I know they love Clara no matter what but it's still all a shock to them and hard to digest. I think it would have been easier to adjust to if they at least had a possibility that something may be wrong beforehand.

Anyway - sorry to go on so long. They are very heavy on my mind and I've done my share of crying. Just please keep mom and dad and baby Clara in your prayers. Prayers that mom and dad will stay strong and be able to take whatever God throws their way (they are staying positive so far which is good) and prayers that baby Clara may not be as bad as she possibly could.
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