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July 27th, 2012, 11:03 AM
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Hey, just stoppin by. I've been really busy all week because I'm on my own. Anddd I messed up some billing which I haven't even begun to fix and I am already drained.

Good news is, I sold some wedding stuff 2 nights ago and a lawnmower last night. Nice to have extra cash in my pocket.

Tonight I'm going to my BFF's house for a cookout. I cannot wait to snuggle her teeny tiny babygirl.

DH and I mentioned to my parents that we wanted bikes.. so they found their bikes (That they bought over 40 years ago in collage) in my Uncles shed. My dad fixed them up and we now have bikes to ride! I think we will go on a nice long ride tomorrow if I can find a seat and helmet for Levi.

I actually have a 3 day weekend but can't get excited for it. My colonoscopy is Monday morning. Blah. Not looking forward to that at all!

Hope everyone else has a nice weekend.
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