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July 28th, 2012, 08:55 AM
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Which guides are you referring to for the grades? (Each can be used for a small range of ages - like LHFHG can be used for K or 1st, Beyond for 1st or 2nd, etc.) The history in LHFHG, the CLP book, is a textbook. Goofy, yes, but a textbook. Oh yeah, I remember, it starts with a Bible story book and includes a history story book (also from CLP, if I'm recalling correctly).

The history in Beyond comes from three sources, all are full of history stories, many (most, all?) are realistic historical fiction. It does give a very good feel for the period and the people - what it was like living through the founding of the nation, etc. My son absolutely loves these stories. Personally, I almost didn't do Beyond because I wasn't persuaded of the benefits of this approach but I can appreciate it more now that I can see my son really getting into the time period through the stories.

In the next guide, Bigger, the history is made up of biographies - real stories of the real people, which is more like what I have been looking forward to for American history. Preparing doesn't use textbooks for history, either.

I believe Jaime was talking about CLP specifically and HOD doesn't rely upon CLP, they just use some of their books here and there.

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