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July 28th, 2012, 05:27 PM
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With my first the contractions hurt the worst. 15 hours w/o pain meds. I got an epi, and it started to wear off during the pushing. Lasted roughly 45 minutes. I felt the snip, but it was just a slight pinch. Felt every single stitch. Those stung.

The second was the exact opposite. Contractions were period cramp to me, not too bad at all. Pushing SUCKED. It hurt so much. There was no good pain, did not feel better to push. I had three failed epis during that. One epi, the second, gave me about 15 minutes of relief. So it was pretty much natural child birth.

Pitocin for the entirety of both. Turns out I have a problem with epis. Needs to be on my chart for the future. General anesthesia only in the future.
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