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July 28th, 2012, 07:21 PM
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Ok, so let me just start off. 2 and a half years ago, I was diagnosed with PCOS. I was told that because my pcos was found at an early age, I COULD STILL conceive children; it'd be possible. I lost 40 pounds within 2 years because of metformin, and controlled my pre-diabetes (that were associated with my PCOS) with eating better and doing more exercise. I am now pregnant, and have gained all of my weight back, with an extra almost 20 pounds...
I've started to show the skin discolorations that I had with PCOS, during this pregnacny, but no matter what I tell my new doctor, he constantly tells me "no. You don't have PCOS. If you did, you wouldn't even be pregnant!" and he has told me that all my current blood work has proved I don't even have a hint of diabetes either.
I wish I could visit my old doctor who specialized in PCOS but I moved away and can't now. My mother has talked to him several times, and he is really worried, telling me that I need to be careful, and watch myself. They're not sure about what my current doctor has to say.
No one around this town, or entire STATE even has a hint of knowledge towards PCOS so this whole entire situation is just worrisome. I just want to know that I'll be ok after I give birth, and that my baby will be ok.
What should I do?
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