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July 29th, 2012, 02:33 AM
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I would definitely find another doctor. A good doctor makes all the difference. I have had to go through a lot of headache to get a good primary care doctor and she knows exactly what to do with it and I still go to an OB/GYN for trying to get pregnant and he has been excellent and knowledgeable about PCOS even though he isnt exactly a specialist. What Frozenoj said about insulin resistance is exactly what Ive got going on as do many PCOS women. Blood tests come up that I am not close to diabetes but I feel my body negatively react when I eat too much so I avoid it. My doctor says the metformin (diabetic drug) helps because it increases your body's sensitivity to the insulin to absorb it right because if it isnt absorbing it, your body will produce too much to try and compensate which can cause too much insulin and feed into cysts on the ovaries. That is why his first line of action was to start me on metformin and then monitor testosterone levels. Also, I have always had that crazy skin discoloration on my armpits.. nothing I could do about it.. but it had something to do with insulin because it is a diabetic trait and when I was on metformin or an anti-androgen (testosterone) birth control pill it went away.

It is hard work to lose the weight if your body's natural balances are out of sync. I hope the best for you and that you can find a better doctor.
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