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July 29th, 2012, 07:13 AM
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Hello ladies! Guess what time it is? Time to start working on our cyber shower! I read through several past DDC’s cyber showers and put together what I thought seemed to work the best. If you have any concerns with anything though, please let me know!

How it works:
For those interested in participating in the DDC Cyber Shower, here is the way it’ll work!

First and foremost, please read through ALL the rules before deciding to sign up. After reading said rules, decide if it’s something you’d like to participate in with fellow Dec DDC members. If you wish to join in, sign up below.

For those who don't know, the cyber shower is a surprise gift exchange (similar to a Secret Santa). Those interested will sign up and answer some questions and I will try to find you someone who meets your criteria best. Of course, I will do my best but match-ups won't always be perfect.

The last day to sign up will be August 24th. After that date I’ll tally the answers to the budget question and we’ll go with the one with the most votes. At that point you can decide to drop out of the shower for any reason, mainly if you don’t agree with that price point, which is perfectly fine. If you are ok with the price point, you will be asked via PM to fill out an info sheet with your address and anything else we might need to get the gift to the right member. If you are not comfortable giving your address and it is linked to your registry then that is fine as well. Only I and your chosen gift giver will have access to your information.

We will set a cancel date and send PM reminders just to make sure everyone is made aware of the price point and cancellation deadline. Once the cancellation date has past, the list of participants is set. So please, if you feel for any reason you might not be able to follow through with a gift, please do not sign up.

Once we have the list of members set, I will draw names for each person to gift to. After the drawing, you will be PMed your Cyber Shower Buddy’s info. Please, DO NOT SHARE this info with anyone. You are being trusted with very personal information and we expect everyone to be honest and keep the info of others safe.

The last date for the gifts to be sent out will be October 24th. We will have a thread to keep track of the progress of the sent packages to be sure everyone is moving along as they should. The gifts will be required to have a tracking number so we can keep track and make sure gifts are moving smoothly.

Our shower will be held on November 7th, unless anyone has not received their gift by then. If you receive your gift before that date and choose to open it early, please do not share it with the group yet. I will set up a special thread on our shower date for everyone to share pictures of what you received and who sent it to you.

This is meant to be a fun activity to share with other Dec. DDC members and to bring us all closer as we await our little ones. I ask that you please abide by the rules, because unfortunately in the past when things such as this have been organized, some have signed up and then not ended up following through, leaving someone without a gift and feeling hurt. So please, if you think for any reason you may not be able to follow through, do not sign up. You can still enjoy all the fun as you read the post and have some cake with us at the shower!

Cyber Shower rules
To participate, you must meet the following requirements:
- Must have been an active member of the Dec. DDC for at least 60 days by the end of the deadline
- Must have at least 200 posts in the Dec. DDC
- Must agree to our final gift price point
- Must be able to ship a gift to the DDC member chosen to be your buddy
- Must be willing to share your address info (or registry link) with me and your chosen gift giver

Now let's have some fun! If you want to sign up, please answer the following questions below:

Gender of baby (if you don't know yet we can update that later):
State & Country you live in (for shipping times and costs):
Do you have a preference on where your buddy lives (for shipping concerns):
What do you think the budget should be:
Additional notes or requests:
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