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July 29th, 2012, 11:50 AM
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Well I know no other doctors know about it here because no matter where I've called, tried looking, I ask doctors in different places and they either seem hesitant on what it is, or they say "don't specialize/not even sure what PCOS is" kind of thing.
I'm sure I had insulin resistance too, because I remember when I was first diagnosed, my doctor explained it to me. That's also why they put me on metformine in the first place.
I really wish I could go back on the met. but I know I can't during pregnancy because it could hurt the baby. My mother desperately wants me to go back on it when I'm done with the pregnancy, but the doctors out here are so stubborn about it. I know that before I found out I was pregnant, one doctor I went to denied me of my metformin medication because she was scared it would ruin my kidneys or something (though I've been taking it for 2...freaking...years).
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