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July 29th, 2012, 01:32 PM
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Originally Posted by HubbysSweetheart View Post
I was just going to ask a question on this so maybe someone could answer in their reply.

Chloe has rolled over several times from her stomach to her back 'kinda' accidents a few times and others I thought on purpose.

A few days ago she all of a sudden pushed up with both arms and flipped over.... Definitely on purpose, and when I rolled her to her tummy she went on to do this 7 times in a row and thought it was hilarious and lots of fun. Later on in the day she flipped over anytime she wanted... I thought, this skill is in the bag.... how am I gonna keep her on her stomach for tummy time?

The next day... and ever since it's been like the 'flipping' never happened. When I put her on her stomach she has alot of leg action, even gets both knees up and sticks her rump in the air, but her face remained buried and she refuses to use her arms as well. A few times she has rolled over, but this was due to her getting a leg out and using that to push herself over........ so what's up? Do most babies have to 'learn' and 're-learn' a new skill a few times before they actually get it?

oh, she also has scooted forward a bit a few times with all that leg/knee action but I don't think she knew what she was doing.

My DD was the same. When she first started rolling from stomach to back she wasn't very consistent with it. Back to stomach was different; once she got that down she didn't stop.

Besides rolling, which she does all the time now, she bounces and scoots, although I don't think the scooting is really on purpose. She can move herself a few inches by crawling but not very far. Today she crawled backwards a few inches which we thought was funny. She can also half pull herself to stand, I guess she pulls to kneel? She can stand up holding on to something (crib, chair etc) for several minutes unassisted. She's been sitting up pretty well since 4.5 months so I'm surprised she's not crawling yet. Maybe she'll skip crawling and go to walking like Daddy did.

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