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July 29th, 2012, 01:38 PM
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Originally Posted by MissusF View Post
I think about my labor all the time. I had a photographer there so I have a photo album of Claire's birth and I look at it frequently.

I did not have any pain meds. In the beginning labor contractions weren't bad. I spent the majority of my labor kneeling next to my bed over a big pile of pillows. Since it was the middle of the night I was able to doze between contractions. Once I hit transition I was miserable and decided to try the birth pool. That was a big mistake because I couldn't get comfortable. I think I would have been better off staying where i was. I got out and went back to the bedroom to push. Pushing was sooo much better. Pushing and delivering her was pretty much painless for me. I remember being hesitant pushing her head out because I was afraid of the "ring of fire" but I never felt it.

I didn't feel the "ring of fire" either. It's so crazy that pushing was essentially painless for us! I guess we were lucky with that

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