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July 29th, 2012, 05:56 PM
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Shasta, I'm such a spacer for not checking in after your u/s. I was thinking of you and thinking of you, and then I just spaced. I am ECSTATIC that they found a heartbeat. Absolutely amazing news!

Losing weight... I didn't have morning sickness and still lost weight at the beginning. I lost 2-3 pounds in the first few weeks before I started gaining it back. I think it's just the shift in hormones, and your metabolism goes crazy, and you're super-excited about being pregnant which just makes your body run overtime. I imagine you'll start gaining it again. And if the m/s causes you to lose, the truth is that it will have a much more significant impact on you than your baby. He/She will take what's needed and leave you the rest. I just hope it doesn't last long for you.

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