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July 30th, 2012, 08:14 AM
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Check your insurance list and then check out the reviews for individual pediatricians on yelp or something. It's important to read those reviews and look for things like what their bedside manner is, is it easy to get same day sick appointments (you will need those) and what kind of hours they have. Also, ASK around. People LOVE to brag about their awesome pediatricians. When the same name starts coming up, that's usually a good sign . After you pick one, call and ask if they are taking new patients and see if they have privileges at the hospital you are delivering at. (If not, no biggie, you can just have the on call pedi do the initial newborn assesment and then take them into their regular doc at three days of life). In the hospital, they will ask who your pediatrician is and they will let their office know that they have a new patient and the on call doc for that group will see the baby every morning (early, before office hours) while you are in there.
As far as insurance, you usually have 90 days to add (or 60, I can't remember). The baby is automatically covered, you just have to make sure to call the insurance company and then you will send them a copy of the birth cert and give them the ssn.

And yes, mine is picked I like him a lot, the office is convienent and I never have a problem getting them in when they are sick. He doesn't have privileges at the hospital I'm delivering at which stinks (I have to deliver there. I work there and if I deliver there, I don't have the 500 dollar admission copay and as much as I like him, I'm not paying 500 bucks so he can see the baby for five minutes in the hospital). I'll just have the on call doc see her and do her initial assesment and then bring her in at three days to our regular pedi.


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