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July 30th, 2012, 10:53 AM
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I think the doctor got her MD out of a cracker jack box. First off, the nurse said to me "Are you sure you're 20 weeks, you don't look like you're even out of your first trimester". Umm...yes, I know how pregnant I am. They did the urine dip, and the nurse came in to take my temperature (low grade fever after taking tylenol, obviously an infection somewhere), and while she was in there she told me my levels were elevated. The doctor comes in later, tells me that all pregnant women are miserable and feel crumby, and I just need to deal with it. She said I didn't have a UTI and I should just go call my OB next time I think there's something wrong with me. I told her that I know the difference between feeling crumby from being pregnant and feeling sick. I told her I'd been around somebody with mono, and what my symptoms were, and she said "well there's no way to diagnose mono and your chances of getting it are close to zero anyways. I told her that the person I've been around has a pregnant wife who had had it before and they told them that pregnant women are significantly more likely to get it especially if they've had it before, and she said "well, I don't see a need to send the lab any of your blood. If you have it, then it's not like anything would change, it's not like your job is hard or anything." She then told me to stop taking my prenatals because that is probably increasing my morning sickness and to use Afrin (major pregnancy no-no) to stop my nose bleeds. I'm so mad right now. Waste of several hours of my life and a copay.
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