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July 30th, 2012, 01:11 PM
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Today I am 6 weeks pregnant and all I feel is Regret....

I had 2 sons that are 12 and 14 and 1 miscarrrage from a previous relationship. Nearly 3 years ago I met a new guy who I thought was 'the one', whom I have had 5 miscarriages with. up until my last miscarriage in Feb 2012 all I wanted was to have 1 more baby, but after that loss I began to rethink what I wanted. In June/July I decided I was done I didnt want any more children and was going to disucss tubal ligation on Aug 1st at my annual appointment, then on July 16th I had a positve HPT. I know I should be thrilled but I dont feel that, in fact all I feel right now is regret. I keep thinking what did I do? How did I let this happen? This past Saturday I had a lil spotting, and my first feeling was relieve......

I dont know what to do with these feeling....I know that it can change but what if they dont??? I have an ultrasound on Wednesday which I have mixed feeling about....

I swore that I would never terminate but at this moment it feels like the best thing for me...but how can that be wht is best for me after all that I have been thru .

I know that most people who are worried/upset initially about a pregnancy and get over it and love everything about the new baby, but I worry about what if I always regret this....

Sorry for all the rambling but I have SO much anxiety right now I dont know what to do.
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