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July 30th, 2012, 01:26 PM
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Hey, guys!

I have a question! here's my story : about a month ago my boyfriend and i had unprotected sex, well actually we always have unprotected sex. I have been pregnant before (lost it) and so i know the feelings of being pregnant, having cramps, boobs hurt hate fopds you used to love ect. well, i am now 2 days late for my periiod. im normally very good about being right on time with my periods. i have the sorest breasts in the world.. i cannot stand the smell of burgers even tho they are one favorite foods. i sleep ALL day now, and have been craving nachos for the past week, i have been leaking a clear fluid from my private area for a few days now, im so beyond moody and constipated.. i took two pregnancy tests, both negative, but still have no period could someone with experience help me out please
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