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July 30th, 2012, 02:31 PM
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Originally Posted by Leanne78 View Post
What's SPD again???

All I'm really dealing with right now is this achy crampy feeling in my lower abdomen. When I'm up and walking around, it just feels like I have a bowling ball that's about to drop out of my pelvis.
Symphysis pubis dysfunction - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I think thats what the SPD stands for. Similar to RLP only localized to your pubic area? Correct me if I'm wrong ladies...

And I totally know what you mean about the bowling ball thing lol. I feel like she is just hanging there and could drop out at any moment. And she weighs less that 2lbs right now! I can't imagine in 15 weeks....hah!

I also feel really bad for some of you ladies. *hugs* all around for those facing insomnia or having major cramping. I guess I got lucky. So far... (knock on wood). I do have my bad days where I'm super, super achy but thats usually only at Annalise's growth spurts.

Almost there everyone! Kind of...
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