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July 30th, 2012, 07:05 PM
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Before I reply on the topic, Jillian, beautiful pic in your siggy, and congrats(I don't think I ever did congratulate you).

That dude is the epitome of asshat. As long as his name is on the lips of the media, he's satisfied, so it seems, regardless of whether or not the publicity is negative or positive. I don't even live there and I dislike the guy greatly, not to mention I think he's about as intelligent as a bee's nut.

No hospital here actually gives out "free" formula randomly. Obviously the babies staying there have formula if that is what they are on(and no hospital that I have been to here, takes on the bully approach, they take on the educate the mom but let her make the decision approach-even the crappy hospitals that don't have the best care), but there isn't some formula fairy going around handing it out to people willy nilly just because. So it's hard for me to picture any hospital as having some kind of surplus of free formula, therefore needing to keep it under lock and key so no one breaks in during the night to steal it.
I honestly can't picture the need to "hide" it, it boggles my mind at the moment.

Keeping formula away from the babies staying in your care that need it hardly seems baby friendly to me, though. So I don't agree that it's part of some sort of initiative. I think the asshat is simply jumping on some stupid bandwagon because it'll keep his name on the lips of the public. Bf vs Ff is simply one of those topics that never gets old. As in, it can always be discussed, will always be discussed and although can be interesting, it's more often emotionally driven than not. Such topics are often popular amongst those who need to stay in the limelight.
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