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July 30th, 2012, 09:22 PM
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Name's Michelle

I am all for more education, better education and keeping moms more informed. But I don't agree that under lock and key is even remotely in line with that kind of movement.
Yes I know tons of hospitals give out those bags. All the hospitals here do too, but they don't have formula in them, at all, if you're not using formula. The ones that DO have formula its just a very small sample. They take it out of most bags though, and put in more bf friendly things. In fact they stopped handing out the logo bags even. Which kinda surprised me to be honest, I wasn't expecting that. When ds was born(he's nearly 9 now) I got a black bag, I thought it was the similac bag I had seen others get. But it's not, it's a bag that looks a lot like it, but there is no branding on it anywhere. In fact ds still has the bag, his doll clothes are in it. I nursed him the first few weeks while pumping and then pumped exclusively after. So my bag had ONLY bf related stuff in it. Now the junk bag the hospital gave me with all kinds of other coupons and whatnots had formula related coupons in it, but not the bag they gave me. In fact my bag had a manual pump, pack of nursing pads, always samples and coupons(why on earth I don't know, they weren't really up for the challenge of after birth, but that's a whole different issue), lanisoh, lanisoh bags, a bib with the hospital logo, a car shade with the hospital logo, pair of booties and a cap knitted by the lil old lady group that does that there, ummm, some other random samples and coupons I can't remember, oh and tucks, lol. Either way, absolutely nothing related to formula was in there. I was really surprised because although that hospital wasn't terrible it certainly wasn't the best either. I know they're not the same as every other place and there are plenty that don't do the same things they do. I do get that. What I don't get is the whole lock and key thing and making it come across as more of a bullying tactic. That, I don't like, at all.

Yes mothers need to be informed and make educated decisions, regardless of what their end result may be. But bullying people or making it even slightly difficult, is NOT the way to go about that. Especially in this day and age when the mothers are getting younger and younger(I can say that having been a teen mom myself ) and are even less likely to be informed. No I'm not excusing ignorance, I am simply saying, it's there, and we need to deal with THAT first and foremost. There are much better ways to deal with it though.

Acting as of formula is a wicked evil sin fill substance that needs to be kept under surveillance or something is just stupid, lol. I think a better approach to this issue would be to find more ways to educate women-and men too for that matter. Find ways to encourage people to seek out what they don't know. More programs to help moms early on who may be frustrated as someone trying to nail jello to a tree. Those early weeks can be a *****, and moms need all the support they can get. So why not put more focus on that kind of thing or at least that aspect of a campaign. The educational, informative and supportive aspects. Not so much emphasis on the "good god man what are you feeeeeeding that kid" aspect. No mom needs that, lol.
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