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July 31st, 2012, 06:59 AM
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Originally Posted by shockandawe View Post
That's a tough one because it's different for everyone.

Obviously I married the right guy and this was when the universe brought us together so it must have been right.

BUT I can tell you I wish we'd met each other and done this like 10 years earlier. Mostly because I think I was ready that much earlier, but meeting at the age we did has made for other significant challenges in our lives that may have otherwise been avoided. I'm thinking infertility and balance of responsibility and all that other parenting jazz.

Of course everything is a trade off, and if we had started 10 years earlier, we wouldn't have all that we have financially either.
Originally Posted by Blue-Jay View Post
I think we found each other at the exact right moment in each of our lives; 5 years earlier, and neither of us would have been the same person we were when we met and it probably wouldn't have worked out. But like Becky said, I kind of wish we had been at the exact right moment in our lives about 10 years earlier, lol. I am happy with my DH, but I wish we could've had a little more time together before we started having kids, and I wish we were younger so we could be more flexible with each other and our expectations.
I agree with both of these. We wish we could have met 10-15 years earlier than we did (except, you know, that I would only age backwards a couple of years for those who don't know, there are 13 years between my dh and I). We also know that we were different people when we were younger and we may not have been ready for each other.

As it stands, we married last year when I was 22. Being married young works for me.

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