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July 31st, 2012, 10:46 AM
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Argh it's doing my head in now.

We noticed a few weeks ago that there are no fruit shoots in the shops. Now Daniel is rigid about his food and drink and is only able to use sippy cups and fruit shoot style bottles to drink from (this is to do with autism, not laziness or naughtiness, btw for the newer ladies).

Last week we discovered from a notice in the co-op that all the fruit shoots with the new style bottles had been recalled because of a safety issue.

How long is it gonna take to fix? Can they not send them out in old style bottles???

We really rely on fruit shoots for picnics and such in the holidays and we're down to our last few!

Anyone else having the same problem or noticed any shops where they're still selling them at all?

We have a bottle of Robinson's orange to refill bottles with but this may meet with resistance as Daniel can usually tell the difference...

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