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July 31st, 2012, 11:01 AM
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I did a birth center birth. Contractions were also much worse than delivery, but nothing like my first, who was posterior. I was very surprised when I arrived at the birth center and was told I was at 9 cm! I laughed and asked the mw if she was kidding. Got in the tub and things were much easier. I was able to relax.

I never went through any bad transition stage or anything. I was actually very calm when it came time to push. I let my body push on its own for probably about an hour. I needed to take it slow to mentally adjust and prepare. Because he descended slowly, I could feel a huge difference in when he passed my cervix. He would pass it and then occassionally slip back up. Things are much easier when the head stops pushing on your cervix.

The pushing stage was much easier for me than contractions. My contractions slowed to like five minutes apart. Didn't really hurt, it wa just weird to lose control of my body because it pushed on its own. Very weird feeling. Crowning was intense, but not intensely painful. No ring of fire. Just sensory overload, that's all. I had a small tear.

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