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July 31st, 2012, 11:59 AM
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Originally Posted by My2miracles View Post
For the record, hospitals don't give out the formula - they pass on the formula that is provide as a gift to mothers by the formula companies. Those companies have a right to offer gifts. The mothers can chose to take them or not.

If anyone is stupid enough to go "oh they gave me formula, that must mean I have to formula feed"......

Both times I gave birth, I was offered breast feeding education & formula it was completely my choice. And so it should be!
No, many hospitals give out the formula. They put it in diaper bags and give it to you as you leave the hospital. They market them as "breastfeeding sample bags" except they are filled with full size formula cans. Of course all hospitals are different and yours sounds better than the ones I've had clients in. Also at the hospital based childbirth classes, on the last day of class they gave you a black diaper bag with 4 Similac formula cans in them (regular sized). This is a problem and this is why hospitals are cracking down on it.

I do not believe the formula companies have a right to market their products inside a hospital. If they want to give out free formula then people can sign up at their websites to get some samples. But I do not believe they have any right inside the hospital. Like I said in a previous post, if I were to do that I would get into *serious* trouble by the health board. They can also go to WIC if they are in need of formula and cannot afford it. There are many places where you can get free formula, even at Motherhood Maternity (once you sign up there you'll recieve Enfamil in the mail, atleast in my home state you do).
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