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July 31st, 2012, 12:03 PM
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Originally Posted by Tammyjh View Post
Bloomberg isn't just spewing because its an election year, he spews all the time.

As far as a bill stating formula should be by perscription only in the US, I haven't heard about that yet.
OK she posted an ABC news link and nothing talks about mandating it. I think she is just assuming because hospitals may be 'complying' with his ideas, that it's now 'law' which I explained are 2 different things. I know I can't find anything, even purposefully looking, that talks about requirements of a prescription to use formula. How long does this jerk get to stay in office anyway? WHO in their right minds elected this fool?

As far as samples in the hospital: We had to sign up with the formula companies at the Dr. Office if you wanted to receive a bag w/ formula in it at the hospital. The Dr. Office has a sign that clearly states they do not endorse any particular company. I signed up for all the companies to sample each formula and then decided which one I felt was best for my kid. No one tried to "force" formula feeding on my kids at the hospital. In fact, all I HEARD about was breastfeeding.
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