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July 31st, 2012, 01:55 PM
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I feel bad because I've been spending so much more time on the FB page then here, so I thought I would do a little update here on me and my new family.
Ava Willow was born at 5:19am July 22nd after a relatively 'easy' labor. (mind you, being a ftm I have nothing to compare this to lol) She weight 7lbs, 12oz. I was in full on active labor for about 9-10 hours, tho the time really flew by. After pushing for 1 hour my little bird was here! Seeing her head emerge was the coolest thing ever having her placed on my chest so quickly was amazing. DH cut the chord, and just like that, there was 3 of us! She is perfect in every way, and such a dream. She took to the boob no problem and my milk came in within 48hrs. Normally the hospital keeps you for 2 full days after birth, but she was doing so well, and I felt amazing with no tears or stitches needed, full bm withing 12 hours and only needing a couple ibeprophen, they could see we were ready and let us go by noon on Monday the 23rd.
Life at home with our new lil babe has been great. dh's dad came on the 25th, and leaves tomorrow, it's been great to have him around and be able to grab a couple extra hours of sleep in the mornings while he hangs out with Ava. She is up typically twice a night for marathon feeding sessions, and nurses every 2-3 hours during the day. I think we are starting to experience a wee bit of cluster feedings in the evenings, but it seems to help her sleep better so me and my nipples don't mind too much! She is such a calm baby, only crying if I don't feed her fast enough and sometimes when Grandpa is holding her she gets quite fussy but calms right down for me. love having that "mommy magic".

All in all, it has gone so well, and even better than I ever expected. Fingers crossed it stays that way, but I know things can change in a matter of hours!!

Anywho, I will try to pop in here more often and keep up to date with everyone who is still hanging around here! Can't wait to become a Playroom!!

Here is me and my little Ava at one week old! <3
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