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July 31st, 2012, 03:33 PM
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okay maybe that's a bit over dramatic but seriously..
she had a job as a CNA, a good one .. she worked weekends so she could be at home with the kids during the school week well I guess with it being summer she got tired of missing out on weekend fun with the kids being gone and quit or something like three weeks ago, she started working at a restaurant and last night she told DH she was sick for three days so they put her down to 8 hrs this week and how she will probably need extra CS ..
I looked at her FB and she was tagged and post herself in pictures going to a carnival and an animal farm and the lake and a birthday party so I really don't think she was "sick"
why would you quit a good steady job when you claim you are barely making ends meet and then screw over the new job? especially when you live in a town of like 2500 people and there aren't many jobs at all...
and I could understand if this was the first time she has done this.. but its like just when she starts to be a responsible adult and get on her feet she does something and goes back to her old ways and does the same cycle all over again..

she is so stupid.

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