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August 1st, 2012, 09:24 AM
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How far along are you in your pregnancy? My OBGYN took me off of Met at 13 weeks, but I have had PCO friends who have stayed on Met the entire pregnancy. Are you far enough into your preganacy that you have had your GTT? One thing that concerns me is the increased chance that we PCOS ladies have for GD. I'm about 7 weeks away from my initial GTT and I'm praying I pass it. BUT I also discussed with my Dr. the possibility of needing to go back on Met in the event that I actually do develop GD, and that is a possibility.

I am offering this information because I think its very scary that you are seeing a Dr. who says they are unaware of, or unfamiliar with, PCOS! Sheesh! What OBGYN in the 2000's doesn't know about PCOS?? That's so frustrating to me! (sorry for the rant!) Luckily, the practice that I am with, and the primary OB I'm seeing, clinically diagnosed me with PCOS at about 18 y.o. Then after seeing an RE, I actually got to see the u/s with the very typical "string of pearls" cysts on both my ovaries.

Anyhoo.... this is long but I'm just encouraging you to find another Dr who is more versed in ladies with PCOS. How far would you have to travel to see one?

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