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August 1st, 2012, 02:24 PM
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Your name, DH Name
Katrina and Pat
4 DD, 2 DS and expect another one in 19 weeks. Angels between #5 and #6 (Twins and a single), and then again 2 weeks before conceiving this latest addition.
And anything else you want to share! Maybe how your journey brought you here.
We both knew we wanted a big family. We went through the first 5 pgs without major issues (either conceiving or carrying). Never even concern about m/cing. I got pg with #6 (twins) and I was floored. I went in for the 7w u/s and thought the HBs were a little slow I didn't think anything about it. I lost them less than 2 weeks later. My heart sunk but I knew I wanted to try again. We waited a cycle and I got pg on Valentine's night. This one looked perfect. My BIL died 7 weeks later and as I was getting ready for his wake, I realized I was spotting again. There were no warning signs that there was anything wrong. We opted for testing since we lost 2 back to back without any real signs. All tests came back normal. After 4 months, we decided take the kids to Disney and brought home a permanent souvenir (our second from Disney). DD#4 was born 38 weeks later. I figured we were done until last Feb. No clue how but I ended pg again on Valentine's day. 6 weeks later, I noticed spotting. I went in for u/s and realized I was losing another pg. I told DH, I was done and we both agreed. This little surprise was a whoops. We are thrilled and can't wait. This one will be our last pg. I can't handle the stress of another 1st trimester again.
Katrina, mom to 7 wonderful children on earth, and 4 guardian angels in heaven.

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