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August 1st, 2012, 07:11 PM
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Are your kids in school yet? O is, and A is starting this year!
What grade(s) will they be in this year? O will be in 3rd grade, A will be in Kindergarten.
Public? Private? Homeschooling? Private Christian school. They go to school where I teach. I get a big discount and they're very flexible when my foster kids change. They always take them even if the class is full.
How does your faith impact your schooling choices if at all? I will most certainly choose private Christian school for my children. I choose it for my foster children because it is very convenient, and convenient is a good thing when you're single caring for 4 kids. I don't push my faith on my foster kids, but they do take part in saying grace, praying at night if they want to, going to church, etc. With some kids that's just them closing their eyes and folding their hands while I pray. For some they join in. I leave it up to them. School, they don't have much choice. I suppose if I had a middle or high schooler who were opposed to the Christian school, I would allow them to attend the public school. It's different when they're not your kids.
What do you do during the school year (aside from going to church on Sunday) to encourage their Christian education and spiritual growth? Daily we do grace at every meal, and we pray every evening at bedtime. If they're interested, we review their church lesson throughout the week, expanding on it more each day. My two oldest right now love doing this.
What are you most excited for? Everything! I love school!
What are you dreading? The 5am mornings

If you have little ones who aren't there yet, have you thought about it? What kind of school experience do you want for them? The younger ones are in the childcare at the school I teach at. They have childcare for the teachers and staff.
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